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About us

Shenzhen Tengyusheng Technology Energy Co., Ltd was found in 2010, professionally engaged in R&D, design, manufacturing and selling internal and external Antennas, such as Set-Top Box(STB) inside and outsider antennas, network player inside outside antennas, antennas for smart home products, inside and outside router, antennas for drones, antennas for households.  170/230/315/433/446/480/800/868/900/1572/1800/1900/2100/2420/2500/5150/5800MHz,3G,4G,WIFI antenna, PCB internal antenna, FPC soft antenna, DVB-T suction cup antenna, notebook Antenna, I-PEX, MINI RF cable and mobile phone antenna and internal cable, intelligent terminal device signal antenna.

Products are widely apply in routers, network players, set-top boxes, 3G, 4G WIFI, smart home, tablet, laptop, car navigation and car systems, digital cameras, routers, WIFI devices, network players, automotive equipment, industrial equipment , television computers, medical equipment and communications device, engineering equipment. Provide customized, OEM, labeling and other services.